The Winners of the 2024 Q1 Altseason: BlockDAG sells over 2B coins, Ethereum and Aptos investors rush in

One developing area of digital currency is the tokenization of real-world assets (RWAs). Aptos Crypto (APT) has emerged as one of the leading cryptocurrencies to advance this sector further. Altcoins are reflecting the bullish momentum of Bitcoin with Ethereum’s price now zooming towards the $4K mark. But Ethereum investors are reportedly after a new project for maximum returns in this bull run.

The burgeoning project BlockDAG (BDAG), which almost sold out its second presale batch and attracted a lot of early investor backing, is fueling the flames of the altseason, as the network sets a clear goal of reaching $600M by 2024. Presale activity is still running strong, and in only two and a half weeks, it brought in $2.64 million. Let’s explore how BDAG is the leading altcoin in 2024.

Aptos (APT) Shows Recovery Signs

Layer-1 blockchain Aptos provides security, scalability, and dependability to protocols developed on top of it. Aptos employs a special consensus method called AptosBFT (PoS) to validate transactions. In order to enable parallel execution, it uses the Move smart contract programming language, as the network system offers a quicker TPS than many other blockchains via using sharing. Aptos provide a transaction throughput of 160K TPS. 

At the other end of the altcoin spectrum, Ethereum has seen quick inflows and a surge to the $3.7k mark and is expected to hit the $4k mark soon. In the middle of an ETH bull run it is reported that ETH investors are eyeing BDAG as a great source to park the windfall from ETH.

BlockDAG Coin PreSale: A Revolution in The Altcoin Sphere

There has been a lot of uproar in the cryptocurrency market and industry since the announcement of BlockDAG’s (BDAG) Coin presale. Imagine the scenes: excited investors bought up tokens at a paltry $0.001 each in the initial batch, generating anticipation for what was to come. With the growing excitement surrounding Batch 45’s presale and experts’ predictions of a possible price spike to $0.05 per coin, early backers stand to gain a whopping 5000% ROI. The enthusiasm is evident, as over two billion BDAG coins have already been sold. Take swift action to guarantee your coins before Batch 2 ends!

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With Batch 3 quickly approaching, BlockDAG (BDAG) demonstrates its conviction and ambition by setting an ambitious goal of generating $600 million by 2024. Given the excitement around the leading cryptocurrency currencies for 2024, BlockDAG (BDAG), having raised $2.64 million and sold over 2 billion coins, is positioned for impressive growth in that year.

In addition to this, the networks makes the difference by having a user-centric sustainable brand identity, with its cutting-edge range of miner devices capable of mining 10 blocks per second (aiming to go 100 in the near future thanks to the Directed Acyclic Graphs structure), and a not less efficient mobile mining app, that turns mining on-the-go, making every user able to carry their mining rig inside pocket, and guess what, with just a minimal amount of battery drain.

BlockDAG (BDAG) Network is holding a $2 million shared giveaway! There is a chance for fifty lucky community members to win large monetary rewards. The winners will be chosen randomly and declared on BlockDAG (BDAG) platforms. Take advantage of this chance to win largely by entering right now and telling others about it!

To sum up

Aptos’ (APT) price, expected to rise significantly in 2024, represents the tenacity of Layer 1 Proof-of-Stake blockchains. BlockDAG (BDAG) Coin can expect exponential gains during its exciting presale. Initiatives like BlockDAG (BDAG) represent the direction of decentralized technology as interest grows in the top coins expected to emerge in 2024. 

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