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This new crypto hits 10,000 holders in one month, prepares for exchange launch

A new cryptocurrency, Pandoshi (PAMBO), recently achieved a significant milestone, and everyone is talking about it. The project reached a massive 10,000 holders in just one month of its highly successful presale. With an impressive array of features already launched and more in development, Pandoshi presents a unique opportunity in the cryptocurrency market.

Pandoshi: The Next Big Player in the Crypto Industry

Pandoshi is making waves in the crypto industry with its comprehensive ecosystem built on a Layer 2 network utilizing a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) protocol. At first glance, one may mistake Pandoshi for just another meme coin, but it is far more substantial. The ecosystem includes a decentralized exchange (PandoshiSwap), a non-custodial wallet (Pandoshi Wallet), prepaid crypto cards (Cardoshi) that bypass KYC requirements, educational content (Pandoshi University), immersive metaverse games, and more.  

Pandoshi’s native token, PAMBO, plays a pivotal role across the ecosystem. With a capped supply of 2 billion, only 1 billion PAMBO tokens are available to the public through the presale event. The remaining tokens are locked for future project use. PAMBO utilizes a buy-and-burn model, where revenue from ecosystem products like PandoshiSwap and Cardoshi is used to buy back PAMBO tokens and permanently remove them from circulation. This process will continue until 80% of the circulating supply is burned, making PAMBO increasingly scarce.

Rapid Presale Success and Upcoming Exchange Listings  

Pandoshi’s presale event is unfolding over 5 phases, with the final phase now underway after a wildly successful month that attracted over 9,000 PAMBO holders. 50% of the Phase 5 supply has already been purchased as investors flock to get in early before exchange listings. 

Major milestone achievements during the presale event include the beta launch of the Pandoshi Wallet on Android, with an iOS version imminent. This demonstrates the project’s commitment to delivering real products alongside the presale. PandoshiSwap and Cardoshi prepaid debit cards are also slated to launch soon.

With the presale nearing completion, PAMBO tokens will soon be listed on major centralized exchanges like Binance and Coinbase and on UniSwap decentralized exchange. This will introduce Pandoshi to a wider crypto audience and drive further demand for the scarce PAMBO token.  

Investor FOMO Reaches Fever Pitch

As a fully developed ecosystem of DeFi products and services, Pandoshi stands out from fleeting meme coins and limited-scope blockchain projects. Real utility spans gaming, trading, payments, education, NFTs, and more, all united under the PAMBO token.

With exchange listings imminent after a wildly successful presale, investors are piling in to get PAMBO tokens while they remain at the presale rate of $0.01. The fear of missing out on a 100x price surge when PAMBO joins the open market is palpable. 

Adding fuel to the fire is deflationary tokenomics, where the circulating supply constricts over time. This economic design supports appreciating value for PAMBO as demand rises against shrinking supply. 



As a one-stop hub for DeFi primed for exchange listings soon, Pandoshi checks all the boxes for a breakout crypto project: solid foundations and real products, deflationary tokenomics, big vision and a strong community. The surge to 10,000 token holders in just one month suggests this under-the-radar gem won’t stay hidden for long and could soon rank among the top cryptos.

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