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Tim Scott Strands Staff In Iowa As He Quits His Presidential Campaign

Most of Sen. Tim Scott’s South Carolina staff was sent to Iowa. They didn’t know that their boss was quitting his campaign, and now they are stuck in Iowa.


This is the kind of ‘great guy’ that Tim Scott is:

The New York Times backed up the AP report by adding that some staffers found out that they were stranded by watching TV, “Mr. Scott conducted the Fox News interview from a television studio in his home and told his staff on a call after he spoke to Mr. Gowdy, according to a person familiar with the events. A number of staff members learned that the campaign was being suspended from watching television, three people familiar with the matter said.”

Either Tim Scott’s campaign was such a mess that nobody thought to notify staffers, or Scott was so selfish that he kept his decision to drop out a secret and didn’t bother to tell his own staff.

Imagine uprooting your life to go work in Iowa on a presidential campaign, and then to find out that you are out of a job, and no one on the campaign had the decency to tell you.

Tim Scott’s presidential campaign was pointless and doomed from the start.

At least now there is one less candidate in the Republican field that cable news has to pretend like could win something.

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