Top 10 States with Cheapest Gasoline Prices [January 2024]

The top 10 cheapest states to find gasoline as of January 2024.

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Every penny counts in fleet management. The ever-fluctuating fuel cost unquestionably impacts the balance of costs and efficiency.

Fuel prices can make or break a fleet’s budget, and as a fleet manager, being aware of these fluctuations is essential.

January 2024 Gasoline Price Updates

So, where’s the cheapest gas as of January 2024?

  • Oklahoma has the cheapest gasoline prices in the U.S., where the average cost is $2.651 per gallon. It also has the second least expensive diesel prices out of the Top 10 states. Texas leads in least expensive diesel prices at $3.47 per gallon.
  • Arkansas has the second-cheapest gas, with the average cost hitting $2.657 per gallon. 
  • Coming in third place is Texas, with gas prices at $2.661 per gallon. 

Further Findings

  • California has the most expensive gas prices, with an average cost of $4.711 per gallon of gas.
  • Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Mississippi, and Louisiana had the top five least expensive diesel prices.

Before entering the new year, a news report by the AAA highlighted a new low for the national average for a gallon of gas in 2023. The price per gallon fell to $3.06 on Dec. 18, only to rebound six cents to $3.12.

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