Trump Asks Court For Mercy As He Can’t Afford To Pay E. Jean Carroll

In a new letter to the judge, Trump’s lawyer, Alina Habba, is asking the court for mercy because Donald Trump doesn’t have the $91 million needed for the E. Jean Carroll judgment bond.

NBC’s Lisa Rubin posted:
In a new letter tonight, Alina Habba is asking Judge Lew Kaplan — who has yet to rule on Trump’s request to stay enforcement of the $83.3 million E. Jean Carroll judgment as his post-trial motions are resolved — for some mercy.

Specifically, she notes that the existing stay expires Monday and asks that if Kaplan does not rule by tomorrow, he should at least stay enforcement of the judgment for three business days after that ruling.

What does this mean? Trump could be having difficulty arranging for a bond of $91-plus million, which is what will be required to cover the judgment and interest.

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—and expecting that Kaplan will deny his request for a longer stay, he is trying to buy himself time to obtain one or free up sufficient cash


The letter is trying to buy Trump more time because he is struggling to raise the cash to post as a bond to appeal the E. Jean Carroll verdict.

The courts so far have not played along with Trump’s attempts to stall because he doesn’t have the money to post the bond needed to appeal the judgments against him.

E. Jean Carroll has made it clear that the clock is ticking, and she wants her money.
Without a stay from the judge, E. Jean Carroll could start coming after Trump’s assets to get the money that she is owed.

Trump may have locked up the nomination on Tuesday, but he is back in a world of legal hurt on Wednesday.

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