Trump backtracks on statement that Georgia polls are rigged because now he is ‘winning by so much’

At a rally in Rome, Ga., on Saturday, former President Trump backtracked on his previous statements that polls in the state are rigged since he now is “winning by so much.”

The former president visited the Peach State, where he, along with 18 other defendants, were changed with entering a conspiracy to overturn his 2020 election loss in the state. The Fulton County case is currently ongoing but has been derailed by allegations of romance between the District Attorney and her top prosecutor.

During the “Get Out the Vote” rally Saturday, Trump, the likely GOP nominee for this November’s election, swapped between saying the 2020 results were rigged and also applauding his current lead in the polls.

Early in his speech, he said he did great in Georgia during his successful 2016 presidential campaign and did even better in 2020, but it was rigged.

Later, Trump began saying, “you know, the polls are all rigged.” But then he backtracked, saying “of course, lately they haven’t been rigged because I’m winning by so much.”

He abruptly said “disregard that statement. I love the polls very much.”

According to The Hill/Decision Desk HQ, Trump leads President Biden on a national level. He currently has 46.1 percent support, while Biden has 44.6 percent.

In Georgia, one of the key swing states that helped elect Biden in 2020, Trump has an even larger lead. Trump has 48.4 percent support in the state, compared to 41 percent for Biden, the polls show.

Later in the speech, Trump criticized the “radical left” for rigging the last matchup between Trump and Biden and said it can’t happen again, as the two are set to rematch in the polls later this year.

He asked his supporters to vote for him and make it a landslide victory that is “too big to rig.”

Trump has consistently held that surveys and elections are rigged against him and are fraudulent when he is performing poorly. He has yet to acknowledge that the 2020 election results are accurate and he lost both the state of Georgia and the overall election to Biden.

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