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Trump Goes On A Tirade After Democrats Win New York Special Election

Trump threw Republican candidate Mazi Pilip under the bus and went on a tirade about how she needed to be more MAGA after Democrats won the NY-03 special House election.

Trump posted on Truth Social:

Republicans just don’t learn, but maybe she was still a Democrat? I have an almost 99% Endorsement Success Rate in Primaries, and a very good number in the General Elections, as well, but just watched this very foolish woman, Mazi Melesa Pilip, running in a race where she didn’t endorse me and tried to “straddle the fence,” when she would have easily WON if she understood anything about MODERN DAY politics in America. MAGA, WHICH IS MOST OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, STAYED HOME – AND IT ALWAYS WILL, UNLESS IT IS TREATED WITH THE RESPECT THAT IT DESERVES. I STAYED OUT OF THE RACE, “I WANT TO BE LOVED!” GIVE US A REAL CANDIDATE IN THE DISTRICT FOR NOVEMBER. SUOZZI, I KNOW HIM WELL, CAN BE EASILY BEATEN!

This is Trump fleeing from the loss as fast as he can.

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Donald Trump has a pretty nice con set up within the Republican Party. When he gets heavily involved in a race, and the Republican loses, it isn’t his fault. When he stays out of a race, and the Republican loses, the Republican would have won if he had been more involved.

The reality is this. Donald Trump continues to lead the Republican Party to defeat after defeat. Republicans took a district that George Santos won in 2022 and turned it into what will potentially be a double-digit loss by 2024. The reason for that defeat was Trump.

Trump’s lousy strategy of sinking the border bill likely hurt Pilip with Republican voters in the special election.

Donald Trump is trying to distance himself, but the NY-03 loss has his bad strategy all over it.

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