Trump Melts Down Outside Court House After Realizing He Will Stand Trial

Trump thought that he would never stand trial and now that reality is setting in, he is not taking it well.

Trump said:
In New Hampshire, I’m supposed to be in Georgia. I’m supposed to be in North Carolina, South Carolina. I’m supposed to be in a lot of different places campaigning.

But I’ve been here all day in a trial that really is a very unfair trial. These are all stories. This is over the last few days from legal experts. This is Wall Street Journal experts and it is a story from experts saying how this is not a case. The case is ridiculous. This is another one of the cases. They’re ridiculous. Trump indictment. It’s missing fraud. There is no fraud. It’s stories.”

Trump later claimed that Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is the real fraud.

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The ex-president continues to tell the same lie over and over again that he would be campaigning right now if he wasn’t on trial. The truth is that Trump barely was on the campaign before the trial. Trump has only been campaigning one day a week and that is on Saturdays.

Donald Trump is not incarcerated. He can still campaign. There are 24 hours in a day.

Trump wasn’t campaigning before the trial, and he isn’t campaigning now.

The former president never thought that he would be tried on any of these charges, and he is finally realizing that accountability has arrived.

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