Trump Must Pay As Judge Denies E. Jean Carroll Stay

Judge Lewis Kaplan has denied Donald Trump’s request for a stay of $83.3 million judgment against him for defaming E. Jean Carroll.

Judge Kaplan wrote in his ruling:

Trump stay


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Donald Trump now has to come up with $83.3 million +interest to post the post the bond to appeal the defamation verdict, or he has to pay E. Jean Carroll.

Trump is out of options, and more importantly, it appears that he does not have the cash to post the bond to appeal the New York fraud judgment or the E. Jean Carroll judgment. Carroll has made it clear that she wants her money. On Wednesday, Trump’s lawyer, Alina Habba, filed a letter with the court asking for mercy and for Judge Kaplan to stay the judgment, but Kaplan denied that request.

In real-world terms, this means that Trump has two options. He must come up with more than $91 million to either post the bond, so that he can appeal, or he has to pay Carroll. E. Jean Carroll and her team are ready to start collecting on Trump now.

Trump’s wealth is almost all on paper. He actually owns very few buildings outright, and many of his properties have mortgages on them and can’t be sold to post a bond.

Donald Trump is drowning fast, and no one seems willing to throw him a financial life preserver.


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