Trump's Attempt To Describe Missile Defense Has To Be Heard To Be Believed

Donald Trump on Monday tried to explain how a missile defense system works ― complete with sound effects.

The former president promised that he would build an “iron dome” system similar to the one used in Israel, then attempted to describe it in action.

“They go ‘missile launched!’ and you hear a bell go, I mean I see this, it’s so incredible,” he said, then praised the “geniuses” who respond to the bell to stop the missiles.

“These are not muscle guys here,” he said, pointing to his arm. Then, he pointed to his head. “They’re muscle guys up here.”

Trump went into sound-effect mode as he described the action:

“Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding! They’ve only got 17 seconds to figure this whole thing out, right? Boom, OK. Missile launch, pssshng, poom! It’s the most ― and we don’t have it here!”

Along with providing sound effects, Trump also mimed the process as he described it:

He did a version of the “ding ding ding” thing during at least two different New Hampshire events, in Laconia on Monday and Rochester on Sunday.

Trump’s critics on X fired some verbal missiles of their own in response:

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