Trump’s Campaign Is Trying To Hide His Cognitive Decline

Morning Joe discussed how the Trump’s campaign knows that their candidate is cognitively declining and they are trying to hide it from voters.

Jonathan Lemire said:

He is surrounded entirely by enablers during this campaign. And what? And he would be again, if he were to be in the White House for a second time, there would be no guard rails, there would be no adults in the room. It would just be people doing what he wants to your point. He is not the same guy. You can watch video footage of the 2016 campaign some of his time in the White House. We played last week, a clip from the debate between Trump and Biden back in 2020. And it was striking even then how much Trump has changed, how he’s aged. I mean, he is in his late seventies. He’s only a couple of years younger than President Biden. And we’re seeing with more and more frequency even as the media and we talked about it earlier about how the weekend was full of polls and up session about President Biden’s age.


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It’s Trump who day after day is showing the signs of age but also pressure, indeed pressure because he is not getting as much of the share of the Republican vote as he would like Nikki Haley even posting a win over the weekend pressure because of the money. He now owes nearly a half a billion dollars in a couple of cases in New York City. And pressure that his first criminal case, a case that could theoretically put him in prison starts in just three weeks and we are seeing it night after night on the rally stage where he seems to even just lose control of the English language. Mika cringes. I can’t help it. I start laughing when he does the Venezuela bit there at the end. But this is something that his team knows, but they’re just forging forward.

Joe Scarborough replied, “They’re trying to keep him off the stage as much as possible. Obviously, they don’t want that out there. They don’t want him on Truth Social. Again, he only hurts himself politically.”


Trump has refused to do primary debates. He has already stated that he won’t participate in debates with Biden. The only interviews the former president does are with friendly media who hand hold him and walk him through the interview. There is a reason why most of Trump’s national TV interviews happen on Fox News and feature Maria Bartiromo or Sean Hannity. They are his biggest supporters on the network and also friends of Trump.

When voters begin to pay attention and the campaign spotlight gets more intense, Trump will be exposed.

It’s not President Biden who should be discussed in terms of cognitive decline.

It’s Donald Trump, and his campaign knows it.


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