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Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Is An Even Bigger Threat To National Security Than You Thought

According to a new court filing in the classified documents case against Trump, only a few thousand people were screened before they entered Mar-a-Lago.

Alan Feuer of The New York Times found this troubling note in a government court filing:

I don’t know if the data point is fascinating. It is terrifying that people could get into Trump’s club, where he was hiding classified documents and showing them off to guests without passing through a metal detector or having their names checked.

As long as you paid Trump the money for a membership, the person could get access to Trump’s club, the former president, and all of the national security secrets that he could steal.

Mar-a-Lago has always been a potential national security nightmare, but it was even worse than potentially could have been imagined. Trump is getting everything he wants from his MAGA mega fan, Judge Aileen Cannon, but the lack of security at Mar-a-Lago illustrates that Trump and his club are a threat to national security.

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