Ty Cobb: The ‘facts are terrible’ in Trump legal cases

Ty Cobb, who served as White House attorney under former President Trump, argued that the “facts are terrible” in his multiple legal cases and that it’s probably been “very difficult” for him to navigate the various battles.

Trump, the likely GOP nominee for the November election, has a tangled web of legal troubles already playing out in courtrooms across the country. The former president has pled not guilty to 91 criminal charges across four state and federal indictments and is involved in more than a half-dozen civil lawsuits.

“He has so many that he’s probably not able to give any particular one you know, the degree of concentration that he would like. He has to rely on so many different lawyers and so many different teams of lawyers, some of whom are quite capable, others of whom have not distinguished themselves,” Cobb told MSNBC’s Alex Witt.

Cobb argued that since Trump has been “very much dependent” on his lawyers, which he says is turning out to be problematic.

“One, the facts are terrible. His conduct is reprehensible and he’s the subject of 91 felony counts, four separate indictments and multiple civil cases. He’s lost almost half a billion dollars,” Cobb said. “So, it’s not like this is a smooth gliding ship.”

In the past, Cobb has argued that Trump is the “greatest threat to democracy that we’ve ever seen.” He has criticized Trump’s legal team for looking to delay certain cases until after the election.

During Saturday’s interview, Cobb argued that Trump has the time to delay and appeal the cases if he wins reelection in the fall, but said if he loses against President Biden “he’s going to jail.”

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