Will these moves make Polkadot more developer-friendly?

  • Polkadot will phase out the auction system and bring in an easier model.
  • The new system may be ready in six months.

If all goes according to plan, Polkadot [DOT] will remove the parachain auction system soon and replace it with Agile or Bulk Coretime. This was made known by Pierre Aubert, the new VP of Engineering at Parity Technologies. 

Parity Technologies is the blockchain infrastructure firm behind the Polkadot project. Parachains are data structures responsible for validating transactions using the relay chain. Also, it helps in communicating with other connected blockchain systems.

On the other hand, the parachain auction system allows the allocation of slots to access certain features on the blockchain. Aubert, who was a guest at The Kusamarain podcast, said the change would occur as the project moves to Polkadot v2.  

Difficult, but ready to become simple

According to him, the Coretime would bring about Core Jam and Core Play. While the VP mentioned that the web3 project technology was great, he admitted that it was a bit hard to use.

Furthermore, he noted that the new structure would be ready in six months. Additionally, Aubert noted that Core Jam and Core Play would give users a more friendly experience.

In his words, Aubert said:

“We are a very cool technology. But it’s hard to use. For the next six months, our goal is to implement a few features which are missing to make the system easier to use.”

However, Aubert also revealed that Polkadot’s sister-project Kusama [KSM] would also be affected by the transition. At full implementation of the Core Jam and Core Play, he mentioned that both Polkadot and Kusama would be able to bridge directly to Ethereum [ETH].

It is not news to the blockchain community that Polkadot has been at the forefront of development in the sector. Yet, in what was supposed to be its biggest strength, the project seemed committed to bringing on something better. 

The battle has no winner yet

One reason why Polkadot is heading in this direction could be linked to Cardano [ADA] and Cosmos [ATOM]. These two seem to be giving Polkadot a fight for the top spot in Development Activity.

At press time, Polkadot’s Development Activity had dropped to 5.71 — the lowest reading in the last seven days. 

Polkadot development activity and network growth

Source: Santiment

This decrease in Development Activity was proof that the project had not shipped a lot of new features at press time. Like the Development Activity metric, Network Growth on Polkadot has not been impressive either.

Realistic or not, here’s DOT’s market cap in ADA’s terms

This metric, which analyses the number of new addresses making transfers on a network, had tumbled during the time of publication, according to AMBCrypto’s analysis of Santiment’s data.

In Polkadot’s case, the decreasing Network Growth was confirmation that new wallets were holding back on active participation. 

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