You can now manage and back up FSx for ONTAP FlexGroup volumes using the AWS Console and API

Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP, a service that provides fully-managed shared storage built on NetApp’s popular ONTAP file system, now allows you to create, manage, and back up FlexGroup volumes using the AWS Management Console, FSx CLI, and AWS SDK, making it even easier to manage and protect your data at-scale.

ONTAP offers two types of volumes in which you can store your data: FlexVols and FlexGroups. FlexVols are the default ONTAP volume type for general-purpose workloads, and FlexGroups are purpose-built to deliver higher performance and storage scalability for large-scale workloads (such as electronic design automation, software build and test, and seismic analysis). Before today you could only use the ONTAP CLI or REST API to manage your FlexGroup volumes, and you could not create Amazon FSx backups for your FlexGroup volumes. Now, you can create, manage, and back-up your FlexGroup volumes using the AWS Console, FSx CLI, and AWS SDK, giving you even more flexibility in how you manage and protect your data. 

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